The !quote command allows you to save and retrieve quotes from users in the current Twitch channel.

Add a Quote

To add a new quote, mention the user who said it and put the text in double quotes:

!quote @fisken_ai "the run rames"

The quote will be added to the list of quotes for the current Twitch channel, and it may come up when Oxbow is asked for a random quote.

If you want to have the option to retrieve a specific quote later, rather than just waiting for it to come up at random, you'll have to include a key when you add it:

!quote @NinthRoads #unwatchable "this stream is borderline unwatchable"

Get a Random Quote

To get a random quote from the current channel, just run the command with no arguments:


Get a Quote by Key

To get a specific quote (if it has a key), provide its key as an argument:

!quote #run

Custom Commands

The !command command allows you to add simple custom commands, which respond to a trigger with some text. For the moment, this functionality is unrestricted, which allows any user in the channel to create or update custom commands freely.


To set or update the response for a specific trigger, provide the trigger followed by its response in quotes:

!command polls "kiss me on the mouth in a fraternal soviet kiss, comrade"


To run a custom command, just prefix the trigger with the bot's prefix, !, for example: